Emory Franklin Flinchbaugh
York Pennsylvania

My grandfather worked for Kline Cars York, Pa. In 1913 the company moved to Richmond Va. He and his wife Rosa Spangler - Flinchbaugh moved to Va. This is where my Dad was born. "Richmond W. Flinchbaugh " They moved back to York, PA the same year.
Emory worked as a Nickle Plater (No chroming in those days)  in the early times of the Auto Business. He latter on would have many illness's  from those chemicals. 
This information is from Aurthur B. Flinchbaugh - my brother
Emory Franklin Flinchbaugh born 1885 died 1937 Dallastown or York Pa
married Rosa A. Spangler daughter of William H Spangler and Josephine Houck
Picture of Minister that married Emory and Rosa

  Children of Emory Franklin Flinchbaugh and Rosa A. Spangler:

Emory Franklin Flinchbaugh born June 02 1906 died April 09, 1909
he died from posion he found under the sink - and devastated the family!

Mabel Mae Josephine Flinchbaugh born June 24, 1908  died March 18th 1909

Arthur Franklin Flinchbaugh born Feb. 16, 1910
married Rose

Mary C. Flinchbaugh born July 14, 1912 died April 16th 1913 York Pa

Richmond Ward  Flinchbaugh born Nov. 28, 1913 Richmond Va
married Luretta B. Backel daughter of Edward Backel and Lydia Slenker

James Isaiah Flinchbaugh born Aug. 01, 1916  Died 2003
married Ethel Mae

Mildred Geneva Flinchbaugh born march 24, 1919
married Dave Beck I believe they moved to Arizona because of her health when I was very young

Dorchas Romain  Flinchbaugh born May 12, 1921 died July 11, 1991
married James Lindsey - he was an Ass't Fire Chief in York Pa

Ethel Ida Ella Flinchbaugh  born June 06, 1923  died
married Edward Harbold

Jacqueline Edna Flinchbaugh  born June 19, 1928
married  Paul Lauer

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